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lol! this is great! i know your pain all too well. I wonder if the newer releases of camtasia are any better.

Love the Paint comment. Back in 1995, before they had all these great, easy programs, I put together a 15 minute animated training demo - using only PowerPoint and Paint. (I can't remember how many hours went into that one 'cause I quit counting!) From that point forward, I also referred to "its ghettoness" as "Pain".

Jack: If you audience is truly after something that's got a quick learning curve for making and editing company videos, lightweight and professional looking, you might want to have them take a look at Pixetell. It has plenty of features for those who want to do longer, more complex videos, but you can also hit the ground running with more focused communications like tutorials, directions, personal messages to a group, and sales pitches. Free trial at

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