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I would disagree with this analysis. Your case is probably rare, and companies that try to cater to every scenario often end up with bloated and confusing preference panels. The ability to change the behaviour of a feature IS a feature in itself, and Apple has been able to stay nimble and agile because it manages to keep feature creep to a minimum. This is part of the reason the software teams at Apple are so small even though they are building comparably complex operating systems and products.

Interesting post, but I would say there is probably something wrong with your adapter, not the iPod.

Craig - first off thanks for the response.

At first I would've agreed with you, as the pausing only occurred when I used my iPod in my car. Over the last few weeks though, the pausing has started to occur both when I use headphones and when I plug it into my stereo at home. There is something wrong with the connection piece, the iPod no longer turns on when I plug 3.5 mm jacks into it as it used to.

It remains that this wouldn't be a problem if I could simply turn off the auto-pause feature, but alas I am unable to do so.

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