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Interesting points. Hopefully there will be white iPhone 4's on launch day. There's no way in hell I'm getting a black one!

Hopefully they will at least be available here in Canada at the launch.

Excellent post, thanks a lot! I sure hope you're right. I don't think Steve would want to anger/disappoint loyal Apple customers (not that I know him:). I sure want that white one, too. So elegant on the slimmer model. Fingers crossed.

I think it ultimately boils down to the supply uncertainty. For sure the apple stores will have a bunch of black iPhones, enough for pre-orders and some walkins. But they dont know how many white ones they will get since demand for those is usually much lower. So instead of trying to balance the number of white pre-orders with an unknown number of actual white phones, they just arent allowing it period.

Also, ive been reading elsewhere that the second/third tier retailers wont get white phones until late july, but that tells us nothing about Apple's personal supply. Clearly they have white iPhones we saw them at WWDC so they might as well sell what they've got because the demand is probably going to outstrip supply and there is no point in sitting on a stash of white iPhones just because they dont have enough for everyone, that doesnt make any sense. They will sell every last iPhone they can.

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