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My vote: Approach 1, hands (and feet) down. *Way* too much clutter w/ approach 2.

Some minor comments:
Move the next and previous icons from the AutoTag tab's Report menu to the Tags menu. They make more sense there.
Maybe put the Output icon on the Report Manager tab? Seems more natural to group it with other tools for running reports, like Schedule Reports in Max.

A side note: As a business user, I LOVE the empty tag option. It makes it even easier for me to design a template and hand it off to the techie, who will know exactly where I want data to go.

How 'bout if the empty tag has some sort of text box where the biz user could enter what they want in the tag ("Hey dev, please put in here the company logo, piece of data, date report is generated, etc."), and you could hover over the tag in the template to see the text.

1) Previous/Next needs to be stationary. Moving between multiple tags with multiple clicks and having the Prev/Next buttons
moving on each click becomes very annoying, very quickly. Moving left next to the Wizard button would solve this or moving
all the way to the left. I know conceptually how you step through the process of creating a tag that this is a direct
contradiction but I think this needs to be changed.

2) AutoTag (2) Layout:
a. All the tags presented at once could be confusing and intimidating to the user
b. Too many clicks to accomplish the same things AutoTag(1) does.
i. Click to insert tag.
ii. Click to edit tag, wait for tag editor to load
iii. Click additional tab to access select.

3) AutoTag(1) Layout:
a. Select on the main screen is great for editing existing tags.
b. Can you have when a user clicks on a tag that it takes you to the other tab? Otherwise I think our users will be confused
on where to go to edit a tag’s attributes.
c. Took me awhile to find the “Report Manager” tab. I think on the main bar you need something that link to the data source
connection window so the user knows where to get started. You could title it something different on the main page and
possible black out all buttons until an active data source is setup. ---Scratch that, just found the “New Template
Wizard” This button definitely is what is needed one the main AutoTag tab.
d. Alignment of the attributes text boxes, looks a little unfinished.
e. forEach tag was allowed to be created without prompting for a variable name.
f. I assume the save happens anytime you click off a tag? Or is there a need for a save tag button?
g. Data tree will not allow select of variables, only root data source items
h. Is there any way to do grouping of the tags on the fly-out menu like we have in the tag editor? The tags look scattered on
that fly-out and the grouping made it a lot more intuitive for users to find they tag they needed more efficiently.

My vote is for AutoTag(1) as less tabs are better and you are not shuffling between multiple tabs all the time. It is neatly laid out, non intimidating and everything you need is right on the same tab.

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