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Really impressive article about LINQ! It's great to hear that you are interested in LINQ, I believe we can discuss about it more in the future. Please feel free to ping me at misun AT microsoft DOT com. I love LINQ too, HAHA!

Thanks, Dave. Some questions.

Are lambda expressions equivalent to anonymous delagates?

Is it just as easy to debug linq code?

How should you provide a lambda expression to Func?

Do you think LINQ is safer to use when possible, as in less error-prone, provided the developer is proficient?


1. Yes.

2. Easier.

3. The same as you would pass an anonymous delegate.

4. Yes - that's the big win. The generated code is the same but because it is reduce to the essential logic and is inline, it makes it much easier to see what you are doing in a single glance.

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