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Very outdated but totally agree...
ASUS and ACER rox...
cheap and powerful and you have a lot of choices with less money I can buy a ASUS G51Vx with Nvidia GTX260 for 800 euro, where is such a powerful mac ? even for 8 000 euro? NOWHERE because if they make it .. it will be around 8000 euro indeed.

I would say: Go for any Apple products if you have enough money and don't know where to spend.

I think it's pretty clear here that a ripoff is afoot on Apple's part but the author might be too much of a Apple fan to recognize it.

I've been a Mac user for about 20 years now and you're just blowing smoke. I bought my first PC hesitantly in 2005 because the software I needed to use for my career was not supported on the Mac. (Note: I was a Computer Science student in college and had plenty of experience using Macs and Unix based machines, but only passing familiarity with PCs.)

Most of what's written here in defense of Macs being overpriced is assertions without evidence or proof. The fact of the matter is that while a rare few Mac users might need, for example, a medium-level RAID card with some high-end functionality (the Mac RAID card featured is most definitely not comparable to the Areca ARC-1880i card you claim it is) - Most Mac users looking for RAID don't need a $700 card, they just want to set up a basic RAID 0/1 to back up their data.

Similarly, most people ordering Mac Pros will not need Apple's monitors. Sure, if you are a graphics professional you may want to splurge on an expensive monitor - But a musician or academic? Heck, even someone who just plays games primarily will want a monitor with better response times as opposed to color fidelity and good viewing angles.

These high end expensive Macs are less like purchasing a BMW and more like purchasing a sports car with a flatbed rear end and trailer hitch in the back, off-road tires, etc. Sure, someone somewhere may need specialized equipment like that - But Apple basically presents very specialized equipment as the "only" choices for general needs, leading to many people being ripped off.

I think you were a little low on your critic. You could have mentioned a lot more technical details about RAM like why 6x1gb is a $100 cheeper than 4x2gb which is true even for non-ECC memory. You could also have mentioned the differences between a TN LCD and a IPS LCD. Also, Office is NOT over-priced. It is the price listed on Microsoft's website. The real issue here is that it is compared to Office 2007 which is a Windows software. We're talking 2008 here.

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