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I can not see how I can take a photo with out pressing the button on the screen which is very annoying. I wish there was a button on the side of the phone in a similar position to a normal camera.

Hi Dave,

Funny you should say that, a rumor has come out that indicates the back casing of the iPhone could be touch sensitive. So when you use the camera app you just need to tap the back, although im not sure if that would be easier to use.

It probably makes more sense if you are trying to take a picture of yourself.

Besides that rumor, i dont think apple will add any additional buttons to the iPhone.

I'd like to see more voice input. Like using voice to dictate e-mail or SMS messages. And maybe even allow the phone to read and speak your e-mail or SMS.


That would be totally awesome. I dont think the software is quite there. All the time ill be riding my bike and wishing i could just dictate a text or a tweet. Once the voice recognition gets better this could be a viable feature.

Personally beyond touch input, voice input is one of the final frontiers for interacting with our computers. I hope apple figures this out, and brings in stuff like this sooner than later. It would also be helpful for handicapped users that have poor vision or typing skills. I would be groundbreaking since it would allow users to untether from the monitor/keyboard and be alot more productive while on the go.

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