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The only compression I remember seeing actually used in Bitmaps is RLE. Run length encoding is a lossless compression, only available for palette-based bitmaps.

RLE likes long 'runs' of the same color and is particularly great for pictures showing a lot of a solid background.

This attribute led me to use and RLE bitmap just recently for a larger logo image with a lot of black background. The resulting size reduction is great. Luckily going palettized worked out in this situation.

Wonderfull and clear post.
A must !
If only I had this post a few yaers back...... I wouldn't have lost days and days trying to understand all this bitmap-image things.
Thierry a java dev

GIF isn't lossy. It's just limited to 256 colors.
TIFF is somewhat older than PNG. I used TIFF already at my Amiga

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