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This is a march 2009 screenshot btw. showing prices that were current then

Meester Nid

Haha, nice, installing OS X on off-the-shelf PC hardware is no trivial task. There aren't OS X drivers for every PC component so good luck!

Have you actually used a Mac for any extended period of time? Hardware-wise you're right, it's pretty much a Dell (or an HP or whatever other OEM you choose) but there are tons of little things that all add up to make using a Mac a far superior endeavor as compared to a PC.


My high school used only Macs. So yes I have used for a bit of time. The GUI for both Windows and OSX gets the job done in a comparable amount of time but also OSX tends to hide advanced features a lot more then Windows. Plus Windows has 100X the amount of programs that OSX. When talking about benchmarks they are both identical except Windows blows mac out of the water when it comes to gaming benchmarks.

So im not really seeing what things OSX has that make it far superior.


Ehm.. your screenshot is a little bit too old?

It is well known that especially buying ram or hd space directly in the store isn't the best idea. The hardware components are very expensive -- yes, too expensive for me.

But if you want a perfect system w/o any compatibility issues you have to know what do you need and often do buy not the cheapest one. However, it will be lesser than Apple's prices. That's why even Dell isn't always the cheapest way (no comparison to Apple).

Lol, the best part is the last. The comparison of Office 2008 for Mac with the Office 2007 for PC. Well done!

Another one is the ram.. ram is expensive (see above), but is a real difference between 6x1GB and 4x2 GB). That is no "2GB" diff but units.

http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Office-2008-for-Mac/dp/B000WR2F2M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=software&qid=1284575500&sr=8-1 See the recommended price.. and no, that's no excuse for the high price.


Well, PC's are.. erm.. personal things. I don't have a branded PC. I assamble mine myself, and have never had (in 15 years of using computers) any compatibility issues. I use Mac in my office, and hate it most of the time. But, i guess, that's just me... My configuration, which is better in everything this Mac has, except CPU (I have a single quad core intel on 2.8GHZ) costs ~750$ (without OS and monitor)

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